Mr. Worland's Winter Project
How to throw a
REALLY Big Party

The Task

For this assignment you are the assistant cook of a restaurant. Your restaurant has been hired to cater the food for a gala event honoring the early days of the USA. You have been given the assignment of making a course for this banquet. A course could be a soup, salad, main course or dessert.
 Here are the things that you are to do for this assignment:

  •  There will be at least 750 people there, so you must make enough for 800 servings of your course.
  • You must find a recipe that has at least six ingredients.
  • You will receive a bonus if your recipe is from Early American history. 
  • You will document where your recipe came from in correct notation form.
  • You will write out the recipe in the correct amounts to make 800 servings.
  • You will research the cost of the ingredients and give the amount of money that it will cost to make your recipe for a single serving.
  • You will use that single serving to make and equation, use that equation to make a function table and then graph the equation.
  • You will document the source of your prices for the food.

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 Last updated on 11/23/2016