Mr. Worland's Winter Project
How to throw a
REALLY Big Party

A WebQuest for 8th Grade (Algebra)

Designed by

Stephen Worland

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This project comes from a real life situation. When I was the Dietary supervisor at a Hospital the director of the Food Service Department came to me and asked if I would like to organize the Christmas party one year. I told her it sounds like fun. She told me "Great, I am glad that you are so enthused. By the way, there will be around 800 people to be served."  After my heart started beating again I got to work and set up a menu, found out the food costs and arraigned for the food to be cooked and served.  It was a great success!

Your task will be to do the same thing for only one part of the meal. You are going to pick a recipe, figure out how to make it for 800 people, find the costs and graph it. 

Good Luck

Created by Stephen Worland
 Last updated on 11/23/2016