Mr. Worland's Winter Project
How to throw a
REALLY Big Party

The Process

1.   You will find a recipe that you want to make. The recipe can be a soup, salad, main course or dessert.  The recipe must have at least 6 ingredients.  Some sources of recipes are cook books that you have at home, go to the library, get a recipe from a family member or find one on the Web. You must use proper citation method for indicating the source of the recipe. 

Here are some resources:

2.  You will copy the recipe at the original amounts. Write the amounts that you need and the order that the ingredients.

3.   You will figure out the amounts that you will need to feed 800 people. There are books that can help you figure out how to calculate the amounts that you need or you can go to the following sites for help:

4.   You will need to figure out the costs of the recipe at the original amount and figure out the cost per person at the original amount. You can do this by either taking the recipe with you to the store and finding out what the price is of the food you need for the recipe or you can go to an internet site to find the prices. You must tell me the date and the location from which you got the prices.

5.  You need to take the prices for the food that you found and figure out the price that you need for that item for one serving. You can go to the sample page to see an example of how it is done.

6.  You need to write an equation for finding the cost of a serving for that recipe at any size. Then you will make a function table for that recipe for 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, and 800 people.  You will then graph the function table using a line graph. Again you can see the Example page for a sample recipe and paper. Please also write your formula in Slope intercept and Standard Form

You can get 10 points of extra credit if you try to make the recipe at the original amount. DO NOT MAKE 800!!! Print out and have your parent sign the "I Made It" form. 

Word Documents that you print are here


Created by Stephen Worland
 Last updated on 11/23/2016